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Services to support your investment

In addition to a suite of products, we offer additional services enabling you to fulfill your mission.

Website Design

Shulware offers first-class website design services to synagogues and Jewish non-profits with the added benefit of ongoing support. We help you tailor your website to best showcase your organization and engage with your community.

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Features Overview

+ Contemporary Templates

Beautifully designed templates that are ready to launch.

+ Keep Members Informed

Website hosting, security and support provided as part of a monthly subscription fee.

+ Website Design Packages

Website design packages that take the stress off of you to configure or customize your template.

+ Elegant Design

Ability to make stylistic changes to templates including uploading logo and changing fonts and colors.

+ Mobile Responsive

All websites are responsive in design guaranteeing a seamless experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop visitors.

+ Interactive Photo Galleries

Showcase your community in style with our interactive photo gallery.

+ Increased Engagement

Increase community participation and raise revenue by encouraging your members to register for events online.

+ Boost Financial Support

All websites are responsive in design guaranteeing a seamless experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop visitors.

+ Drive More Traffic

Our team helps you maximize your website's visibility on the Internet to drive traffic and reach potential members.

Integrated Payment Processing

Shulware offers the opportunity to manage all of your electronic payment processing (credit cards and e-Check/ACH) through your application’s integrated payment processing solution.

Features Overview

+ Hassle Free

No setup or other monthly fees

+ Fixed Fees

Fees are fixed and not variable based on card type

+ Quality Customer Service

Improved customer service for payment issues because of one less vendor to work with

For Payment processing clients who use the Shulcloud Mobile Administration App,
payments may be processed using our custom swiper.

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Training and Support

Shulware provides a variety of training and support designed to enable you to learn and take the most advantage of our tools’ capabilities. Have a question about your application? Connect with our support desk in a variety of ways. Want to learn more about using our solutions? We have an array of training options available.

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Features Overview:

+ Online and Onsite Support

Are you just getting started? Do you need to learn how to use a new system? Merge accounts? Setup your financials so your receivables flow into your financial system? We offer online and onsite training for both new clients and long-term ones. If you don’t have time for a training session, you can consult our online Help documents and FAQs.

+ Extensive Training

We are here to support you and help your master our software. We want to make you successful so you can spend more time with your synagogue and less time with your software.