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Shulware is the umbrella organization offering ShulCloud, Congregation Connect, and Chaverware products. We partner with our clients to help them streamline their operations so they can focus their time and energy to develop programming, providing religious services to their community, and supporting their communities. We strive to create an environment for each organization to better fulfill their mission.

Member Management

Engage with your members effective and build your community effectively.

Features Overview:

+ Centralize Member Management

Get a holistic view of your members by having all member information in a central location.

+ Engage Your Members

Enable your members to update their information, register for events, pay bills through our member portals.

+ Keep Members Informed

Keep your community up-to-date through easy use of personalized emails and weekly newsletters, schedules, notices, billing and more.

+ Online Event Registrations

Advertise events and enable online registration directly through the calendar.

Financial Management

Streamlining financial processes for improved operational efficiencies.

Features Overview:

+ Billing

Individual or bulk billing of membership commitments. Bill over 1 or more periods over 1or more years.

+ Payment Processing

Handle ad-hoc payments or setup automatic recurring payments. Support both credit card and e-Check/ACH payment processing within the applications.

+ Accounts Receivable

Track payments made or commitments outstanding and aged over time by using our solutions as your revenue front-end.

+ Integration

Full integration with our payment processing platform. Payments can be batched and seamlessly transferred to either QuickBooks or Sage accounting software for both desktop and cloud versions.

+ Reporting

Track members’ financial history and report on a variety of activities.

+ Statements

Generate and email statements with links to members’ accounts for payment which can dramatically improve cash flow.


The Leader in Cloud-Based Synagogue Management Software

Our integrated website/database system is easy to learn and easy to use. It’s accessible anywhere on any web-accessible device. All you need is internet access and a browser. This extremely robust solution meets the needs of Synagogue Administrators, Clergy, Financial Team, Administrative Staff, And Members.

ShulCloud is dedicated to enhancing your members’ experience with the congregation by focusing on tools that allow members to engage with you in a modern and streamlined fashion. We enable administrators and clergy to easily manage members, billing, website, calendar, web-based forms, online transactions, website, and school programs.

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Features Overview:

+ End-to-end Platform

End-to-end platform providing a seamless integration between synagogue website and member-access portal and internal synagogue management.

+ Easy to Use

Intuitive user-interface to allow you to track and engage with your members.

+ Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based solution designed for synagogues of all sizes and with a full featured proprietary system that results in lower total cost of ownership.

Congregation Connect

The ONLY Synagogue Management Software Built on the Salesforce Platform

Built upon Salesforce, the #1 CRM database, Congregation Connect offers an enterprise level solution for larger (at least 750 households) synagogues. With this combination you have access to the full array of applications available on the Salesforce App Exchange. It has extensive automation and ad-hoc reporting capabilities and is an excellent solution for donor management and stewardship.

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Features Overview:

+ Powerful Platforms

Take advantage of Congregation Connect with its custom Jewish functionality sitting on top of Salesforce, and get the power, versatility and flexibility you need to successfully run your 750+ member organization.

+ Scalable Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based solution designed for larger synagogues and with a full featured proprietary system that results in lower total cost of ownership.

+ Easily Manage & Engage Members

Take membership management and engagement to the next level with a 360 view of your members, and automation to manage your operations.


The Gold Standard in Synagogue Membership Software For 25+ years

Founded over 25 years ago, Chaverware was instrumental in creating the modern synagogue membership management industry. Introduced in 1993, Chaverware changed the market by offering the first Windows product to Jewish organizations. Chaverware is our desktop solution that has an online tool, ChaverWeb, that offers synagogues using Chaverware member access to manage their own data, make donations, sign-up for events, and pay their commitments.

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Features Overview:

Relationship Modules

Relationship module to show inter relationships between families within the congregation.

Flexible Billing Systems

Flexible billing system for monthly, quarterly, annual, multi-year pledges.

Yahrzeit Management

Yahrzeit module with bi-directional date conversion. Multiple observers per deceased.

Graphical Seating Management

Graphical seating module for High Holidays, events, lectures, dinners; graphical Cemetery module.